About Sixhills Engineering

A Family run Mechanical Engineering design business

Who we are

Sixhills Engineering is a family run mechanical engineering design firm based in the Lincolnshire Wolds offering nationwide coverage. 

We specialise in development of products for industrial and commercial settings. Some example projects include:

  • Stable blocks
  • Steel buildings
  • Architectural steel work
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Gym Equipment

Our core beliefs underpin everything we do:

  • We dislike the throwaway culture; we dislike manufacturers who frown upon the right to repair or manufacture irreparable components
  • We want our end products to be as simple, effective, and as sustainable as they can be, meaning our products are robust, long lived, easy to maintain, upgradeable and recyclable wherever possible
  • Our processes and procedures are geared towards achieving this
  • We believe in doing things right the first time
  • We choose and use suppliers and sub-contractors who’s values mirror our own ensuring the highest quality end product

Our Values

Minimise Environmental Impact
We take a holistic view of the product design process. Yes, the product has to designed to complete its task effectively and safely and Yes, it has to represent good value. But what about lifecycle sustainability? This means:

- Intelligently engineering solutions that maximise efficiency and minimise material usage and waste, in manufacture AND in operation AND at end-of-life
- Designing in simple and robust construction to allow easy maintenance, extending serviceable life
- Utilising as much recycled material as possible, whilst trying to limit the use of non-recyclable materials
- Using responsibly sourced virgin materials where necessary
- Finding and engaging suppliers and sub-contractors local to site whose values mirror our own

By working in this way, the environmental footprint can be minimised
Continual Development
We don’t want to produce a low quality product or provide a low value service. To ensure the services and products we provide are of the highest standard we:

- Continually invest in training and education of our staff
- Utilise a feedback driven approach to critically evaluate our processes, procedures and achieved outcomes
- Welcome feedback from our customers, good or bad
- Feed the information generated by our evaluation processes back into our current procedures to increase the quality and accelerate the development of our products and services

Ensuring we are and remain proud of the services we provide
Respect Our Customers
We believe the best way to get the best outcome for the client is to develop a working partnership, that is built on a solid foundation of respect. To instil confidence in our customers we:

- Collaboratively work with you to help you achieve your ideal outcome
- Communicate in an open, honest, and constructive manner
- Do what we say we will when we say we will
- Will say if we are unable to do something, as we understand your time is as equally important as ours

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