Using our years of experience and manufacturing proficiency to help you test your designs

We are proud to offer a small part prototyping and fabrication service. Our team will tailor the process to your specific requirements, then use our hard earned experience of a wide variety of materials and manufacturing methods across many different industries to produce a prototype that achieves your aims.

We can:

  • 3D print, plasma cut, weld, machine, fibre glass, generally fabricate using a range of materials
  • Design and produce control systems using bespoke Arduino/Raspberry Pi expansion PCBs
  • Design and produce simple control systems software using C++ or Python coding languages


Whether you are looking to prove a concept, evaluate product performance or attract investment. We can help!

We also offer a standalone plasma cutting service, for cutting all types of steel in thicknesses up to 10mm, producing high-quality, millimetre accurate, cost efficient cuts with a small Heat Affected Zone.

Some examples of things we have cut include:

  • General and Commemorative signage
  • Decorative shade panels 
  • Numerous brackets and reinforcing plates for a wide range of applications
  • Shim plates for steel buildings

We can:

  • Trace hand or .pdf drawings or other raster images to produce vector files 
  • Convert CAD or vector file extensions to .dxf and .gcode for cutting
  • Cut up to 1m x 1m parts


We’ll take your ideas, be they hand drawn images or fresh from your mind’s eye and produce them in sheet steel.

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