Custom weathering steel fence, rusting in the afternoon sun

We recently designed and installed a custom weathering steel fence as a finishing touch to complement a new limestone garage, seen here rusting peacefully in the late summer afternoon sun

The fence is constructed as a series of panels each with their own unique pattern, which are acquiring their characteristic rusty patina, and can be seen in more detail below.

The Atom Smash!

“Atom Smash!” Fence Panel

A head profile of Billy-Jo, the Piebald Cob…

“Billy-Jo, the Piebald Cob” Fence Panel

Many hands make light work!

“Many Hands” Fence Panel

Skeletal formulae for some chemical molecules

“Molecules” Fence Panel

Do you know what they are?

Caffeine, life giving on a cold Monday morning2,3-dimethyl but-2-ene, a plastic monomer
A generic amino acid, building block of lifeTNT, for bigger bangs!

Ferns wafting in the breeze…

“Fern” Fence Panel

As part of the project, we have also made some other pieces to connect and fill in the other spaces. Here is a slotted filler panel bridging the gaps between the gate and side of the building

A slotted design filler panel in weathering steel

These are just some of the designs that we can cut. If you like what you see or have an idea you would like to bring to life in a custom weathering steel panel, or any other request, then do get in touch!

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